New Video: The Feast Promo

A couple of months ago I was approached by The Progress Film Company and asked to create a promotional video for a Birmingham based charity called The Feast who work to promote Community Cohesion between Christian and Muslim young people.

They desired a ‘fun and friendly’ short film that would creatively communicate what they are all about and as I’m always keen to be put to good use I jumped at the opportunity. I was particularly excited by their request to incorporate a lot of graphical elements as it gave me an excuse to dust off my old After Effects skills.  Here is the result.



After capturing fly on the wall style footage at a couple of their events I conducted interviews with staff members, volunteers and the young people themselves to form the narrative of the film.  In the end making this video proved to be a lot of fun and I particularly enjoyed working with Tim and the rest of his friendly team.  They also decided to create a ‘making of the film’ video with the help of their young people, so you can watch me in action in this video.





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